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Simply Rhino Level One

For three days I have been learning more about Rhino at The Goldsmith Centre, London. I have had some experience using this software during my Bachelor degree at The University of Sunderland and at work using Matrix 9.0 (a plug-in to Rhino, which is more jewellery specific). It was a three full day course, which I can't recommend enough. The teaching was led by Sean Cowell and he was very knowledgable and patient with the group, I am certainly going to attend the next level in the future. He talked through from how to move around on the screen to us all modelling a yellow and orange duck. It was great to network too. He proved that using CAD (Rhino) goes across a multiple of disciplines by allowing each member of the group to talk about how they would use it, and in my group there there ceramic designers, engineers, product designers to jewellery designers. At lunch time our meals were paid for and we all sat talking to each other, in opposed to us all going in separate directions, this gave us the opportunity to network with each other.

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