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British Craft Trade Fair 2020

I have applied for Post Newcomers at the British Craft Trade Fair in 2020. Saturday 4th April will be open to the public and the following three days will be open to trade. This is the first time this fair is going to be open for the public for one day, this was a controversial opinion for the traders and buyers, however we shall see how it goes!

It was a great experience the first time I showed work here, and since I have learned so much about how I could make my Post Newcomers experience so much better for buyers.

At the beginning of 2020 I will be working on creating a new range with some new products and a new colour. In time for the BCTF show. A month before the show I will be emailing a new catalogue of products to buyers I met this year and to tell them I will be at the show in 2020.

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