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British Craft Trade Fair Event

Having a stand at the British Craft Trade Fair was an amazing experience. A chance to meet fellow makers, buyers, and stockists, its a great feeling being surrounded by like-minded people who have a passion for their craft and the arts. As I was located in the Newcomers section, I was surrounded by others who have little or no experience at trade fairs, yet they too were determined to make their passion into a business. Having a stand and decorating it in a way to stand out was so fun, everyone has different styles and in a way it was like walking into a gallery. I thoroughly enjoyed it and currently going through my orders and emails. I have already signed up for the next British Craft Trade Fair, and this time I will be in the Post-Newcomers area. As I now have experience in having a stand there I know for next time what to expect and what could be better to target for more buyers.

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