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Masters Degree Show 2017

I was excited to see the masters degree show this year at The National Glass Centre, Sunderland. It was titled 'We Ar' - a play on the name of the river 'Wear' which runs through Sunderland. It was great to see familiar faces and looking at new art work this year the students worked so hard on. My favourites were (in no particular order) Connor Garton, James Douglass and Neil Edwards. Both Edwards and Garton exhibited glass blown work, they were incredibly impressive too as I am aware how difficult it is making it. Carton's work was more solid glass sculptural work, whereas Edwards work was tall vessels which were pieced together using a variety of glass techniques. Douglass' work were thrown pots, and the techniques he used and concept reminded me of my own work the previous year. He too referenced his grandfather's work and layered images and text to represent that in a narrative.

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