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In the New Year!

It is nearly 2017, and I am putting into perspective the aims I wish to achieve in my art work and business. In the next year I plan on buying my own kiln, setting up a live online shop on this website and others, selling my own work. I also wish to participate in the next year's Christmas Craft stalls.

Although I already have a studio space for working in I am assuming it will around Easter time when I can actually set up my equipment and arrange a professional working environment. I am very excited for the forthcoming future and its opportunities regarding my art and craft business, yet I can pretty much sense it will be incredibly overwhelming.

Right now is the time to collect and gather a ton of inspiration and prepare myself. Whether that is working on my photography, photoshop and editing skills or making lists and designs of art/gifts/ceramic pieces and figuring out a professional look for myself.

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