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Beginning of an Artist - Part One

A Brief Background I have always enjoyed making art. All through school until sixth form I experimented with fine art, more specifically with painting. It wasn't until my time at college, studying for my Art Foundation Diploma I fell in love with ceramics. I found the teachers to be the most passionate and they encouraged the feeling of the limitless possibilities with ceramics. Throughout this course at college we were given the opportunity to experiment with seven areas of art and design (which included fine art, photography, textiles, fashion, ceramics, 3D design and graphics), so we could then decide which subject area to choose for the rest of the year.

Although I didn't get the highest mark in this area of materials, I felt the most excited to make again with this material. So I chose ceramics.

After I applied for the Glass and Ceramics Bachelor course at the University of Sunderland, then went on to complete my Masters in Ceramics. Completing both I now aspire to make and sell my own work as an artist.

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