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Shipley Art Gallery - Second Year Dry Run Exhibition

On 22nd May 2015, I attended a private viewing which was exhibiting the second year glass and ceramics students work, from the University of Sunderland. The exhibition, Dry Run, was at the Shipley Art Gallery, in the north east of England. The night was a success, the room was full of family, friends and gallery workers. The Dry Run exhibition is set up in preparation for the Degree Show, the following year. In the show there were a very interesting ideas and concepts, and different techniques and skills were shown. The two prize winners were Richard Oliver, for the ceramics with his hand building in porcelain, to represent mental health, and Robert Cairns, for the glass, using his flame working skills, both were worthy winners, as they both expressed great skill and concepts. The viewing lasted two hours, and filled with wine and beer. One of my favourites were by Dan Gough, a kiln casted glass bird with metal features.

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